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Beginner Instagram Tips

September 19, 2019

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I am loving how all these books look stacked next to each other and the emerald green tones almost look like they're glowing!

Title: The Vampire Oath

Series: Shadow World: The Vampire Debt

Release date: TBA 2020

It is a trut...

I am SO in love with this cover! I love the grunge and the roses and the shade of red. And it turned out so much better than I could have hopped for!

Title: The Vampire Debt

Series: Shadow World: The Vampire Debt

Release da...

Growing up I would go to the bookstore, buy a book, read it, then have to wait a year to find out what happened next. It's how it was, it was expected. Series would almost always have a cliffhanger at the end of each boo...

Here is a short how to build your instagram following. It’s not the fastest way but it will lead to organic interaction (because who wants to pay for fake interaction?)

Some people fall under the trap of wanting THOUSAN...

And so the end of my first series comes to an end. Is this the last we will see of these characters? For now at least it is. Though they might make an appearance in the future, but there are no promises.

This release is b...

Last night I finished my fourth NaNoWriMo attempt and win. This one was different from all the others.

The first year I was addicted and wanted NaNo to last all year long. I was involved with the forums and it was a blast...

Publishing is a long, long, long, process. I wish it was simple as waking up in the morning with a bright and shiny new idea bouncing around in my head. Pounding away at the keyboard until it was all out on "paper" and t...

I've always been curious about word counts in books I love as I read, and curious about the word counts of similar books as I'm writing.

Though there's a more important reason to care, at least if you are interested in tr...

Sometimes as authors we get so into a groove and don't want to stop until we are out of fuel. But sitting goes a number on your body and with NaNoWriMo starting today, it's important to remember to not over do it and cau...

There comes a time in many author's manuscripts where a character death must happen. But when do you kill a character off? Why?

There are many good reasons to kill a character off, or two, or ten... yet on the other side...

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