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Newspaper clippings, photos/polaroids, possibly news videos.


Hello, if you're here then you've found my notes. I didn't have time to organize it before everything went to hell, but perhaps you can at least have an idea of what happened here.

I hope by the time  you find this, things have settled down and we've been able to start rebuilding.


I plan to come back someday, but for now I have to run.


If things are still bad, good luck ... and stay safe.

I know this will leave you with some work on your hands. I've managed to put together a key so you might understand the notes. I barely had time to write them out for you, but i hope they will be of use to you, whoever you are.

I've tried my best to draw the symbols I saw on the ship.

This is the symbol on Jace's hand when he opened the ship. I managed to take a quick photograph of it, but it was dark and the light eminating from his hand made it hard to focus.

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