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Fairy Loot Unboxing - May

Ever since my last fairy look box I've been dying for my next!

May's Box - Warriors & Legends!

I love the pretty art that comes on the spoiler cards. Though, personally, I refuse to read it until after I've puled everything from the box.

I love that fairy loot adds candles to so many of their boxes. And this one smells AMAZING! There were two scents sent out and I got Mist. It smells like warm stone and wood smoke. (If you got Flame, I'd love to know what that one smells like!)

At first, I thought this was a second candle, but instead it was tea! So there was no disappointment here! I absolutely LOVE tea. Jasmine and Lychee green tea. It has such a bright and floral scent. Jasmine is one of my favorites.

I'll be having a cup in the morning.

I love pens, I have about 40 give or take in my purse at any given time. But this feather pen is adorable. One can never have too many pens and this one is perfect for taking notes for WIPs.

SOCKS! I love funky socks and socks with designs. So ... SCORE!

An awesome bonus book! I love all mythology and having a book like this is exciting and fun for quick little spurts of reading and possible some inspiration.

This bonus item is awesome! I've never heard of Maria Turtschaninoff, so I'm excited to read this chapter.

This woodmark is so beautiful! Though it's so thin I'm afraid I'll break it. So it's going to a safe swag place to be displayed where my lack of coordination can't get it.

There are a few other things, but first the book. Again I love the bag! It adds just a little extra mystery.

I've been eyeing this book for weeks. I was actually this close to buying it less than a week ago. (I ended up buying two other books by this author instead.)

So once I finish those, I can start on this one. I've heard such good things about this book.

The letter from the author was written on the back of this beautiful card. I full plan on framing it.

Bookmarks! Both one for the book and the box theme. Oh, and this sweet signed book plate! OMG!

And that's it for May Fairy Loot box. Once again I was not disappointed. I love how this box always comes with the best stuff.

Oh, but before I forget... Here's my reading buddy number. So, if your number matches. send me a message!

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