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Fairyloot unboxing - June

June's Box - Elementalists!

Usually I don't try to figure out what book will be in the box, but this time I did. I searched for new releases and couldn't figure it out. I will be the first to admit I'm not good when it comes to knowing what is about to be released or what the hot new book is. I'm terrible at names and titles. That's part of the reason why I love Fairyloot so much!

This FROSTBLOOD SAGA postcard was one of the first things I pulled from the box. Simple but intriguing. I love the look of snow on mountains.

Once again a candle was included and it smells amazing. I don't know how they find so many different candle makers but I am excited to find a new one each month.

The soap seems to be the same among all boxes with slightly different colored paper. It too, smells amazing.

Out of the four Avatar themed chap stick types I got EARTH! Which made me secretly super thrilled inside because I'm an earth sign and I've always felt a deeper connection to Earth than other elements.

I am not going to lie, I probably won't be using these... only because they are too cute! (And also because my handwriting is big and sloppy) but I love these! They are so pretty and sparkly! I'll just keep these on my desk in case of an emergency.

This is such a cute bracelet! I'm not huge on jewelry but I adore delicate pieces like this. I really love how this piece symbolizes being there in the moment. Something I know I'm guilty of from time to time and something I know I want to get better at.

I love this pillowcase! And it has a quote from Stephen King so that makes it even more awesome! I just need to find a pillow to put inside. The colors in the picture don't show as lovely as they are in person.

I heard about this book and fell in love with the cover, I was actually contemplating buying it! I'm glad I waited though. I'm so excited to start this book. I've heard such conflicting reviews on it that honestly have made me want to read it more. I will be starting this book tonight!

Who doesn't appreciate a beautiful card of cover art? And Roar is such a stunning cover! I love the colors and tone and especially the way Roar's dress flutters in the wind!

Plus there's a small excerpt of Walking Land. I'll be reading that later today. :D

Once again I am THRILLED with my fairyloot box! Such amazing high quality swag and one hell of a book that I can't wait to get into!

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