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Fairy Loot Unboxing - August

And it's time again for the fairyloot unboxing! :D I look forward to this every month. I mean... who wouldn't? A book and amazing swag and bookish goodies?

Yes please!

These magnetic bookmarks were the first thing I pulled out of the box. I love little Frodo and Sam! (Now to somehow manage to get my hands on the other two sets of bookmarks that were sent out because OMG! I need them all.)

Next was this EPIC tea strainer! And if you know me, you know that while I am pretty quiet regarding my fandoms, you'll have noticed that I can't keep that quiet over my love of Game of Thrones!

I've never had a silicone strainer before so I can't wait to see how well it works!

I pulled out this cute little booklet and opened it. It's a note/sketch pad! And the art is just beautiful. Also, Look at the map inside! I have a thing for story maps. <3

This sleep mask was the next thing I unboxed was this sleep mask. I already have one, so my husband didn't hesitate to snatch this up. lol He won't admit it but heis totally into book stuff.

Next I pulled out this candle. So far I've loved every single candle in the fairy loot boxes, but this one, while beautiful, kinda churns my stomach. The combination of the Lemon verbena, vanilla, and pear reminds me of a horrible medication I had to take once as a child.

I lit it to see if it improved at all, and I don't might it lit. It's much better. But as a scent when you first open it... I'm not a fan.

Also in the box was this print of northern lights. It's so pretty. I love images of night skies and northern lights and even snow. (Images of snow are beautiful, actual snow... I'll pass!)

There were also little extras in this months box. Two samplers that look really interesting and a temporary tattoo to go along with the Blackwing one.

I found this beautiful book pendant at the bottom of the box. :D I LOVE it! SJM is fast becoming my favorite author ever.

The book for this month is one I haven't heard of before. WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE. It sounds really interesting and I can't wait to start on it! Though from the sound of it, I think it's based in a real place in our world. I'm interested to find out how it fits the OTHER WORLDS theme of the box!

The letter from the author says that there are hints to the story hidden in the cover. I think I might have found them, but we will see!

So that was August's Fairy Loot box! :D I absolutely loved it!

I can't wait to see what September's box brings!

And sadly, I've still yet to find a reading buddy. :(

Maybe this will be the month?

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