In The End duology

Aliens a viruses and zombies, oh my! This duology explores the consequences of taking the easy way to world peace with a unique take on an alien invasion and how the zombie apocolypse might just come about.

Title: Sound of Silence

Genre: Scifi/dystopian

Release Date: March 12 2018






Welcome to the end of the world.

We thought we were alone in the universe. Turns out we were wrong.

Dead wrong.

When alien ships land it’s all anyone can talk about. But for a year, nothing happens and the world starts to believe it’s just an elaborate prank.

Until they finally emerge from their space crafts.

And that’s when I saw him. Jace’el, son of Thral’el, leader of the Others. I don’t know if I can trust him, but I do know I can’t stay away even if I wanted to.

They came offering world peace, and everything was perfect… right up until people started getting sick. Now a virus is running rampant through every city in the world, decimating the entire human population as well as the Others.

The worst part? There is no cure.

I am Raylinn Marrow, and this is the beginning of the end.

For fans of The 100, Star Crossed, and The 5th Wave, this heart pounding, must read YA, dystopian, romance is one you don't want to miss!

Title: Sound of Silence

Genre: Dystopian/Apocolypse

Release Date: October 22 2019


Welcome to the new world.

We thought we were the last and all we had to do was survive the initial outbreak. Turns out the hard part is surviving each other.

Man, the post-apocalypse is brutal.


Most of the runners have phased out, but a fraction have survived. They are smarter, faster, and way more deadly.

When Jace'el and I are stranded in the middle of nowhere and all our supplies are stolen, we have no choice but to join another group of survivors. But they're leading us into an underground bunker, which severely limits our escape routes.


We were supposed to be safe, but the virus has mutated, making the infected smarter than anyone ever thought possible.

Our only hope for survival is to make it to the Tower, where we'll be safe behind walls with a group of survivors just like us.

That is, if we can outrun the creatures hunting us because safety is really only an illusion.

I am Raylinn Marrow, and this is the end of the beginning.

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