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Force of Gravity series

As I worked on getting this book ready for publication I realized it was a much bigger story than originally planned and the last thing I want to do is rush it and not give the story everything it needs, or do my readers a disservice by publishing a story that has more to tell.

FINAL glowing S3.jpg

Title: A Sky Of Shattered Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: TBD


When the Stars call, they demand to be answered.⁠

Oriana has spent her life keeping her head down, waiting for the day she will no longer be a ward of the Kalodorian court. About to be sold into servitude, Oriana knows she must escape or she will never be free. ⁠

She was not born to serve others.⁠

Freedom is within her reach—until she steals from the wrong man. ⁠

Oriana will let nothing stop her from gaining her freedom, not the threat of fifty lashes if she’s caught, and certainly not the man who makes her heart beat a little too fast, and who has his own plans for her.⁠

After chasing a thief halfway across the kingdom, Lucan can’t help being intrigued by the spitfire. Taking pity on her, he agrees to escort her to her destination. ⁠

Along the way, he comes up with a plan to use her uncanny resemblance to the missing Solairian heir to start a rebellion that will free the five kingdoms of Alterra from the Erisaan empire. ⁠

But if anyone finds out she’s an imposter, death will be the least of their worries.

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