Force of Gravity series

Set in an alternate reality of our solar system, the Force of Gravity, is a series of stand alone interconnected stories. Each book will follow a different protagonist. Although set in space, the FoG universe is not a scientific place but instead, one ruled by magic and endless possibilities.

Title: A Sky Of Shattered Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: May 1st 2016


Kingdoms will fall. Worlds will shatter.  And darkness will reign.

When dark forces wreak havoc across the universe, leaving only death and destruction in their wake, Oriana must survive long enough to find help and the Lumeria — a power so great it could cause the total annihilation of the universe — before it’s too late.

With an unknown enemy closing in, Oriana doesn’t know who she can trust. Prince Lucian joins her as she journeys to save what remains of her broken kingdom. The problem is, he might be connected to the attacks.

Oriana must steel her heart against her ever growing attraction to Lucian as she finds the strength and courage within to stop evil from destroying everything she has been tasked with protecting.


Book two in the Force of Gravity series:

A Night of Falling Shadows

Info coming soon

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