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These games were designed around The Hunted series.
Pick a side #TeamReaper or #TeamHunter. Complete the tasks to unlock giveaways for yor team!

Each task will award X number of points. Each giveaway requires X number of points to unlock. Giveaways can be unlocked more than once. Each team will get together to decide which giveaways they want to unlock as a group.

These games are designed to reward the active fans of the series.


Strong willed and will always do what it takes to keep the balance. A strong sense of what’s right but will question things that seem to go against their moral code. Tend to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion.


Stubborn but fiercely loyal to those they care about. Tend to rush in and act on  gut feelings instead of analyzing the situation. Their strong suit is the ability to learn form mistakes.

Still not sure what team you should join?

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