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#SoundtrackSunday - The Reapers

I love to listen to music as I write and a lot of the time, the music becomes part of the story. The songs that stick with me as I write any given scene or chapter are the ones that end up in the soundtrack.

I do list the soundtrack in the back of each book, but only the ebook version, as a little bonus.

I hope you enjoy the sound track for book one of The Hunted series, The Reapers.

River - Oh, Be Clever Forgotten - Manu Riga, Fe Malefiz Hide & Seek - Amber Run Spark - Digital Daggers Fuel to Fire - Agnes Obel Dream - Imagine Dragons Heaven Or Hell - Digital Daggers Finding North - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett I See Fire - Ed Sheeran Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Daniela Andrade If Only - Dove Cameron Still Here - Digital Daggers Mercy - Muse I Want You To Want Me - Chase Holfelder Point of No Return - Starset I Do Exist - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnette Ghost - Black Beatz Crimson King - Demons & Wizards Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol I’m Gonna Be - Sleeping At Last

To listen to the entire soundtrack visit my playlist on spotify.


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