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Updates: The Vampire Crown & more

I have been working hard behind the scenes and it has been wicked hectic the past several months. I have a few things to share with you. Some good, some not so wonderful.

Major Updates:

🌹 This one is hard. Sometimes timing works out beautifully and everything comes together just right. Other times, like now, life is... err... life, and the timing of everything is just off enough to cause a crazy domino effect. And as hard as I tried to get everything back on track, it was impossible.

The Vampire Crown (TVD 5) will need to be pushed out by a few months. How far out? To tell you the truth, I honestly can't say. What I can say is that the current dates are set for next year but book five will release this year. I just wanted a built-in safety net of time.

I've never missed a deadline before... and I have to say, I am not a fan. It was a very difficult decision, and in the end, I knew I wouldn't have been happy rushing it. Unfortunately, there's no way around it. There have been scheduling conflicts every step of the way. I did my best to course correct what I could, but that only led to burnout.

If you preordered The Vampire Crown on Amazon, you might have noticed it's been canceled...

For most retailers, this push isn't an issue, and those preorders are just fine. The 'Zon, however, is the only retailer where the preorder needed to be recreated.

This only affects the preorder on Amazon.

All other retailers are fine.

If you've preordered The Vampire Crown on Amazon, you will need to preorder it again—you will not be charged twice—the original has been canceled.

To make it easy, I've updated the universal link with the new amazon URL.

To reiterate: The Vampire Crown will publish before 2023. The current date is only a failsafe.

🌹Signings. Due to health reasons, I will no longer be attending UTOPiAcon on June 25th, or Once Upon a Book on July 24th and 25th.

I do have a table for the Once Upon a Book 2023 signing, so I hope to see you there!

Minor Updates & Notices:

🌹My websites, and are undergoing design updates and will not have content updates until that is complete.

🌹For current updates, you can sign up for my newsletter (I only send one out a few times a year), check my blog, or check my Facebook page.

🌹I am planning some fun and exciting things for The Vampire Debt series, and the Shadow World in general that I hope to start revealing and sharing in early to mid 2023. If you have any ideas for something you would like to see, feel free to comment below or you can email me contact @ aliwinters(dot)com.


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