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Selfcare - Yoga for Authors

Sometimes as authors we get so into a groove and don't want to stop until we are out of fuel. But sitting goes a number on your body and with NaNoWriMo starting today, it's important to remember to not over do it and cause lasting pain.

I've done it. Taken on a project with a crazy deadline where I sat in front of my computer and did nothing but write for two weeks to get a story out. But when I finished I was in a lot of pain. Because I didn't stop to care for my body.

Writing is physically hard on your body. Most wouldn't think it, but sitting for long periods of time is probably one of the worst things you can do for your body.

So I found a few short videos that pinpoint the areas that effect writers the most.

So maybe save these videos and when you're writing this month, take a few minutes a day to do one or two. These videos are all roughly 10-15 minutes, including the introduction and chat at the end. So, really, they are all short and at a beginner level.

Yoga for neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga for low back, sciatic and hip pain

Yoga for focus

For some, these will be super easy. Some of these poses might be difficult at first depending on your experience and current physical level. And that's okay too. Just do your best and work up to a higher level. Don't push yourself too hard, and listen to your body.

I have put together a short playlist of yoga videos ranging from short to long, for writers pain, for weight loss and more. I love having a range of yoga routines depending on what my needs are for the day. I'm constantly adding to the list when I find more that I enjoy so feel free to follow that list.

*Please consult your physician before doing any workouts. I am not an expert and these are just videos that help me.

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