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COVER REVEAL: The Vampire Curse: The Vampire Debt #2

What do you think of book 2? I LOVE these deep shades of cobalt!

Title: The Vampire Curse

Series: Shadow World: The Vampire Debt

Release date: July 28th 2020

Some things are worth risking your life for.

When visitors arrive, Clara Valmont must make an entirely new agreement with the Vampire she is indebted to in order to stay alive.

But even her brief reprieve might not be enough when something far more dangerous than a vampire comes to call.

Things between Clara and Alaric are not what they appear to be, and if anyone learns the truth, then it could spell death, for both of them.

USA Today Best Selling Author Ali Winters delivers a Beauty and the Beast tale with a gothic twist that's sure to leave fans of vampire paranormal romance thirsting for more! Dracula and Beauty and the Beast meets Pride and Prejudice in THE VAMPIRE DEBT, a six book, New Adult, paranormal romance.

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