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How to add an email to your Kindle approved senders list.

As an author, I've sent many books straight to kindle to readers and reviewers. It's the preferred method for many authors since it helps us to combat piracy. By requesting you add us, we aren't accusing you of being a pirate, but rather just trying to limit the chances of it happening with as little stress as possible for everyone involved.

While I know it's not as much of an issue anymore, there will always be new bloggers, readers, and ARC reviewers that will do this for the first time. So with that bit out of the way, on to the "how to" of it. I promise it's fast and easy. 1. Go to 2. You will see three tabs across the top.

Click on Settings. 3. Scroll down to the section "Personal Document Settings" and look for "Approved Personal Document E-mail List"

4. Below "E-mail addresses" will be a link.

Clink on that link. 5. Add the email address and click on "add address"...

And you're done. That's it, that's all there is to it. Fast, easy, and helps authors be a tiny bit more secure when sending out their hard work. Now give the author your kindle address and wait while your shiny new book comes in.



How to find your kindle email address!

1. Remember that three tab menu when you went to Click on My Devices.

2. Click on the device you want it sent to, and it shows you your kindle email address.

And that's it. I hope you found this useful, or maybe you know someone who will find it useful.

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