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5 FREE ways to support your favorite authors

There are countless books to read, and our TBR lists are never ending. Sadly, bank accounts don't have infinite amounts of money in them and the average reader is stuck with a budget. But that doesn't stop us from wanting to help support our favorite authors.

Here are five simple, FREE ways you can support your favorite authors without spending a cent.

1. Share - Share their posts/social media announcements, book links, covers, etc. Spread their books, covers, links, events, etc all over social media.

2. Review - (A helpful review why a book would or wouldn't be for other readers.) Review their books on amazon, Goodreads, etc any and all reviews help them reach the right readers. If all you can think of to say is "I loved this book!" that review is still EXCELLENT! Don't think that because it isn't long that it isn't just as valuable, because it is.

3. Request the book(s) at your favorite bookstores and libraries.

4. Join their street team or fan group and see what support they need. Many times authors will request help with a certain goal they have in their street team. Bonus, many authors love to reward their ST for all their hard work and dedication!

5. Tell friends - Not quite the same as sharing the social media posts. If your friends are looking for something new to read, be your favorite author's hero and suggest your their books.

BONUS: If you get an ARC (advanced reader's copy), download a free copy, or win a book through a giveaway - leave a review! (Leave a review on as many platforms as you can.)

Amazon is the biggest, Goodreads is also owned by amazon but it's another good place to leave a review since it's so reader-centric. If your author is wide (not exclusive to amazon KU) consider leaving reviews on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and any other platform they are on.

BONUS 2: Follow the author on their social media and interact with them. Amazon, goodreads, twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, etc. wherever!

Do you have other ways of supporting your favorite authors for free? Comment below!

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