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Fairyloot Unboxing - March!

While relaxing with my husband on his day off I was surprised by an unexpected delivery. A Fairyloot box showed up at my front door! And the box was a special 1 year anniversary addition purple!

I've been wanting one (or all of them) for a while now! And I had SO much fun finding out what I got.

If you ordered yours and haven't opened it yet don't look until you do, unless you like spoilers. ;D Now for the unboxing!

I love this image. But I didn't look at the back of it until I was finished going through the box, because I love being surprised.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this yummy candle! (Sorry it's so grainy! It's hard to tell if an image is okay on my phone until I upload.)

A black cherry & lime soy candle - Nephilim, by Geeky Clean. :D Smells AMAZING! I can't wait to use it tonight when I start my new book!

The next things I pulled out were these cute magnetic bookmarks! I squealed! I LOVE the phoenix, and you may have noticed it's in my author logo. Plus on of my best friends is a huge dragon lover. So it just felt perfect!

There was also this pretty mermaid pocket mirror!

Then there were the unicorn fairy lights!

How super cute are these? :D I'll be pinning them up next to my bed to use as a magical night light.

Next was this super adorable dragon scale scarf! EEK! I was wanting a new summer scarf and this one speaks to my nerdy side.

And they grey color means it will go with just about anything. ^_^

Then it was time for the book!

I LOVE how they give you this sweet bag. I mean not only does it keep you in suspense but it's perfect for storing swag or other items after the fact.

The title sounded familiar.

So I looked it up on the US amazon site and I have to say while I adore the US cover I think I absolutely LOVE the UK version! This book has been on my wish list and now I have it!

I look forward to starting this tonight!

OMG, I LOVED my fairy loot box!

I loved everything that came with it. There wasn't an over abundance of random swag but super cool and amazing items I'll use. I'll defiantly be getting a subscription at the next chance I get!


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