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Fairyloot Unboxing - July

The July box is here! And it is filled with such awesome swag! I seriously don't know how they find better and better such every month. All right, let's jump right in!

As always I pulled out the beautiful art card and set it aside without looking at the back.

I have a thing for mugs. I have so many of them. So this mug is a welcome addition to my collection. (I have a bunch of the "You are here" Starbucks mugs.) This one might be going on my bookshelf (one of them) though.

These playing cards are WAY too awesome! I'm so torn between keeping them perfect in the sweet tin, or playing with them.

How beautiful are these designs?

This is my second item from Geeky Clean. I really love their products! This lotion smells amazing!

One can never have too many bookmarks. And this watercolor bookmark is really beautiful. I love the feather on the back. It's stunning!

One of he final things I pulled from the box was this print of a Harley Quinn quote. It's so girly and badass at the same time.

Finally I pulled out this oven mit. I'm not sure what to do with it. I am not much of a cook and my husband has a tendency to touch all our oven mits to the broiler. Never the less, it's probably the nicest oven mit I've ever owned. lol

Then came the book! :D I've seen this book in my newsfeeds a LOT over the past week. I was really curious about it and I can't wait to get started!

Once again, there was some really great swag in this the FairyLoot box! They are really consistent with their quality of swag included.

Also I'm looking for my #fairyloot04208 reading buddy!

Maybe this month I'll find them?

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