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USA Today Bestselling Author

I sit here and write this... still shocked beyond belief.

After months and months of hard work and dedication... and ignoring somethings that I'm now struggling to catch up on, I hit the list at #107.

My book SOUND OF SILENCE is in the hands of thousands and thousands of readers! I can't even begin to express my joy over this. We all worked so hard to make this boxed set a success and it was.

I can't help the happy tears as I wait for it to sink in. Part of it doesn't feel real. But it is! One year ago I told myself I wanted to hit USA Today, and today ... I made that goal happen.

I could never have made it without the love and support of so many wonderful readers. Thank you all for your support. Everything I have accomplished from being an international amazon best seller, to a US amazon best seller and now a USA Today Bestselling Author, is all thanks to you!

I could never say thank you enough. I, an author, am lost to words and unable to express how much your continued support and love mean to me and how deeply thankful I am.

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