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Don't crap where you work.

Can we, as authors, stop crapping on our fellow authors? Yes another big scandal broke out in the book community (That one who plagiarized a ton of authors.) but ever since then many have taken it as a chance to crap on how others go about their journey, simply because it’s different. To crap on them for a million and one things that have nothing to do with it. I can’t even count the number of times I have see something like “It’s okay if others do XYZ, but I would never do that. I’m not judging, I just don’t respect those who do.” There are people who’ve been saying that anyone who does ACB aren’t real writers, or who get such-n-such accomplishment this way doesn’t actually count. I don’t know a single author who writes a book and thinks, “Gee, I sure hope all my fellow writers love me and thinks everything I do counts.” No. They think “I hope readers love my books and I can pay my bills with the money I make so I can do this for life.” If it’s not right for you, don’t do it. But don’t go so far as to convince yourself it’s bad or wrong across the board. Because, if it’s not illegal it isn’t bad or wrong. It’s just different. Just because doing things one way isn’t for you, does not mean that those who choose those things are less of a “real” author or deserve any less or no respect than anyone else. Chances are, if you run across another author who’s approaching their career in a different way than what is right for YOU, they aren’t doing anything to hurt you, but are instead, doing what is right for THEM in the best way they know how. People do not have to do things the hardest way possible for it to count. Let me say that again. PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO DO THINGS THE HARDEST WAY POSSIBLE FOR IT TO COUNT. People do not have to do things the hardest way possible for it to count, for them to be a “real” author, for it to be valid, for them to deserve respect. It doesn't "mean more" to do things one way and not the other. One is just a better fit for some individuals. We are all climbing our own mountains and starting at completely different spots. Whether it’s using a ghostwriter to help flesh out a novel, or hiring someone to create a plot for you, or write your outline for you or get your letters through a boxed set, or writing in a genre you don’t like, or put their books up for consideration for an award, or hire out someone to do all their marketing for them, or whatever. Just because it is not the way you want to go with your craft does not mean they are less of an author, less of a person, or deserving disrespect. Let’s face it. Saying “I just don’t respect…” is you actively choosing to disrespect others for their choices and their journeys. You are not better then them for doing things your way, and they are not better than you for doing things their way. You’re just on different paths. That’s all. I once dated a guy a few years older than me when I was in college who made known that he didn’t respect how I was going through college and that I wasn’t a “real” adult. Why? Because when he was in college he was out of state, and had to work three part time jobs to afford housing, he took up smoking and drinking so much coffee he had constant ulcers. And I was going to college in the town I grew up in and, wanting to minimize my college debt, lived with my parents, who I’ve always enjoyed being around. I had ONE part time job and a full schedule of classes which I sometimes maxed out. I did this to minimize my debt, and allow myself a chance to socialize, I joined my sorority where I met a few girls who I’m friends with even today and can’t imagine not having them in my life. They are like family. I did this, so I could take care of my physical and mental health, I did this so I could sleep and have time to study and get decent grades. He didn’t like that my experience was “easier” and more fun. So he judged me for it and that’s what made him an ass. Did his college experience count more than mine? Nope. Was he more “adult” or deserving of more respect? No. Not even a little bit. Was I? Also no. The paths we took were vastly different and we did what was right for ourselves. (No, this relationship didn’t last long. He was an ass for judging me.) So maybe, we can let everyone do what is right for them. As long as it’s legal, that’s all that should really matter anyway. You don’t have to be friends, or maybe even give friendship a chance, because who knows, you might have a lot to learn from each other even if you don’t think so. They can do them, and you do you.

Don't crap on others because they don't fit into your personal ideal of what you want your author journey to look like

Just virtually fist bump them as you walk on by for having the guts to also go after their dream. Because in the end, isn’t that what we are all trying to do?

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