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Series Complete: The Vampire Crown is here!

It's here! It's finally here! The Vampire Crown is out now! *squeee*

It feels so surreal that this series is now complete! I am both so excited to be able to take some of the millions of other ideas floating around in my chaotic brain, but also a little sad to be saying goodbye to these characters.

The writing part of it anyway...

I still have so many plans for this series. Next on my list, are the audiobooks. It will take some time, but now that the last book is out, I can give that my full focus.

I have plans to write more books on this world. At least a few more series.

So, I meant to do a preorder gift thingy, but in the chaos that is my mind...

I completely forgot—like I do—to order the character art prints.

So, if you preordered a copy of The Vampire Crown, here's your heads-up to keep an eye out for the link.

I will be posting the form once the prints arrive! So I guess you could call it a post-release preorder gift. 😅

Anyone who preordered or grabs a copy of The Vampire Crown before Monday the 29th, can grab this gift while supplies last! Once the art prints arrive, I will share a link so you can upload your receipt to receive a character art print of your choice.

Keep an eye out for the form link I'll be sending your way soon!


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